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Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers 

Stim-U-Dent 梳潔達柔潔齒梳牙籤

Brand Introduction / 品牌故事

Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers is sold well in Europe and America for over 50 years. It has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) for their ability to remove plaque and fight gum disease. The little pieces of wood are effective at removing plaque, and at removing impacted food particles between your teeth and at stimulating your gums for better blood flow.
Stim-U-Dent 梳潔達柔潔齒梳牙籤已經在歐洲和美國暢銷 50 多年,並獲得美國牙科協會 (ADA)承認具有去除牙菌斑和對抗牙齦疾病的能力。切成薄片的木牙籤可有效去除牙菌斑、清潔牙齒之間食物殘渣,還可以刺激牙齦以促進血液流動。

The woods are sourced from renewable forests and are biodegradable so they are Eco-friendly.

This product uses lightweight and portable packaging. Unlike floss, you can use them at any time of the day and wherever you are.

 Product Advantages / 產品優勢

  1. Soft, safe, flexible wooden cleaners.  The shape of toothpicks is special triangular design to fit more properly between teeth.
  2. Made of special wood that creates ideal texture and flexibility when wet to squeeze in between teeth and stimulate gums.
  3. Helps fight plaque, gum disease and tooth decay.
  4. The wooden toothpick is biodegradable and comes from managed forests (FSC timber)
    木製牙籤可生物降解,原材料來自受到管理的森林(FSC 木材)。
  5. ADA (American Dental Association) accepted.